At The 2024 Investment Forum, we had an artist construct a 6 meter wall and build out key takeaways from the event yesterday. He sketched this as the day progressed and delegates loved it!

Our new webinar platform – a derivative of our FundHub platform is now live. Joining us this morning is Philip Bradford from PortfolioMetrix where he is discussing “Is SA fixed income poised to provide equity-like returns with lower risk?” #thecollaborativeexchange

Consolidation, attrition and exits continue to happen unabated in the UK’s financial advisory industry. Will South Africa suffer the same fate? Your thoughts?

Over the past decade returns from this sector has been rather muted with the average balanced fund delivering returns of about 2% in excess of CPI. This begs the question of whether the “tools” or the “toolbox” need to change

“The market had gotten ahead of itself a bit at the end of the year, but the economic data has been resilient and the Fed has talked down some expectations of rate cuts.” It is going to be very difficult

The Collaborative Exchange is delighted to announce that registration for the 2024 Investment Forum is now open. This conference is the premier gathering of investment managers, DFMs, Multimanagers, financial advisers and wealth managers in South Africa.Now in its 14th year,

Rishi Nalan Kumar is unveiling the astounding power of AI’s exponential learning capability, a game-changer that can reshape your approach to financial planning. 🚀 Explore concrete examples of how AI is already making waves in financial services, from predictive analytics

What a phenomenal session dealing with “Where have all the clients gone” at the Virtual Financial Planning Summit. Moderated by Lauren Marsh (Walker) and including panelists @AndreasKrensel alexa horne and @CobusKruger. Fascinating stats on immigration and emigration. #thecollaborativeexchange Currency Partners

The market commentators have not got this correct in the past, so don’t bank on any of these forecasts now?

Simon Sylvester from Rezco shares: Unveiling the Strategy: Crafting a Risk-Adjusted SA Equity Fund in a Complex Economic Climate.
An interesting article on the burgeoning wealth management industry and this explains why private equity is all over this sector in North America and Europe.
Fascinating chart showing how these companies have created one-third of all shareholder wealth in the US since 1926.
Today marks the 5th anniversary of The Collaborative Exchange. After 30 years in corporate, I threw caution to the wind and backed myself.
We are about to kick off the final leg of the 2023 Investment Think Tank in Port Elizabeth and are looking for are to welcoming our delegates, sponsors and speakers.
You don’t need a degree in psychology to know when an industry event is for free, no shows occur when a financial advisor weighs up the perceived value of attending against the value of client meetings or other reasons.
Don’t think about “baby boomers”, Gen X and Gen Y differently and believe that they have not been “re-wired” to the new world. They think about advice differently and expect to interact with advisors in a different way.
It is 6pm on a Friday evening and your phone rings! -  no surprise, another insurance telesales consultant contacting you!
There is a great book “The Antisocial Network” that sheds interesting insights into the GameStop short squeeze, where some ragtag hoody investors took down one of the largest hedge fund managers on Wall Street. It’s a pulsating read, but more