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The Collaborative Exchange is responsible for five of the most highly-regarded annual investment conferences targeted at asset managers and financial advisors alike. It also works with leading asset managers and investment brands to produce bespoke in-person and online events targeted at tied and independent financial advisors.


Over the past five years, The Collaborative Exchange has focused on bolstering its extensive knowledge in the investment landscape with survey responses from asset managers, discretionary fund managers and investment platforms. Research also includes key insights gleaned from its annual events and work with top investment brands. This information forms the basis for two of the most valuable research reports available in the South African investment space


Drawing on its extensive experience in all aspects of the investment value chain, as well as its massive data pool of knowledge within the investment market, The Collaborative Exchange assists asset managers, investment platforms and wealth managers in understanding, planning and executing strategies targeted at key retail market segments


An independent platform profiling and showcasing asset managers, discretionary fund managers, alternative investment strategies and investment platforms.


The business has arguably the largest database of financial advisor information in South Africa.