Drawing on its extensive experience in all aspects of the investment value chain, as well as its massive data pool of knowledge within the investment market, The Collaborative Exchange assists asset managers, investment platforms and wealth managers in understanding, planning and executing strategies targeted at key retail market segments.

These interventions take the form of

Executive Power Hour Briefings

Presentations from a panel of experts unpacking key insights uncovered by in-house research and market trends gleaned from owned-events and strategies mined from the top investment houses in the world.

Regulatory Developments

Periodic updates on key changes to the regulatory framework, as well as strategies to navigate these changes to lessen impact and increase opportunities.

Platform / Discretionary Fund Manager / Wealth Management Insights

Regular updates on key insights stemming from the latest in-house research, as well as insights on the strategies being pursued by leading investment market players and key market trends developing locally and internationally.

Business Audit and Key Recommendations

Detailed reports compiled through the analysis of customers’ in-house operations overlayed with bespoke strategies for improvement aligned to the customer’s key business objectives and business strategy

Thought-Leadership Content

Opinion-based articles from in-house experts that cover the areas of strategy, buyer-behaviour, business trends and market-related changes that can be provided to executives, managers and financial advisors.